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We represent corporate and individual clients as defendants and plaintiffs in all types of civil litigation, including, but not limited to, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, negligent misrepresentation, defamation, tortious interference, unfair competition, trade secret, non-compete and non-solicitation, consumer fraud, real estate lease disputes, closely held business disputes, and employment discrimination and harassment litigation.  Each litigation is unique.  We adopt a case-specific approach and strategy that is shaped in close consultation with you throughout the litigation process. We will provide you with an honest case assessment based on the law, facts and the stakes involved so that you can make informed client decisions. By its nature, litigation is inherently unpredictable and can be costly and time consuming. However, litigation is sometimes necessary and unavoidable, and it can be an important means of achieving a favorable business or personal outcome, including monetary recoveries. We are creative and will look for opportunities to pursue a quick resolution while at the same time preparing for and strengthening your position should your case proceed to trial. We are committed to his clients and a strong advocate.  We litigate in an effective and efficient manner that is designed to maximize the prospects of a favorable outcome whether that outcome is achieved through a settlement, dispositive motion or trial.

We provide transactional and outside general counsel services to closely held businesses, individual entrepreneurs and not-for-profits. We have experience negotiating and drafting agreements and contracts, such as asset purchase and loan agreements, and commercial real estate leases.  We assist our clients with their day-to-day labor and employment issues, and corporate governance matters.  These general counsel services can be invaluable for those entrepreneurs and small businesses that do not have dedicated in-house counsel.  For those matters that require special expertise, we can make referrals for your consideration or otherwise assist you in retaining an attorney with the requisite specialization or expertise.


We conduct internal and workplace investigations on behalf of companies, report findings and provide related advice and counsel.  Our experience includes conducting internal and workplace investigations on matters concerning allegations of employment discrimination and harassment, and compliance with SEC, accounting, FDA, and Medicare rules, regulations and laws.  We also serve as independent counsel to individual witnesses who are being interviewed as part of an internal or workplace investigation.


We provide independent representation to individual and corporate non-parties who are served with subpoenas for the production of documents and deposition testimony or from whom parties are otherwise seeking information.  Where necessary and appropriate, we can protect your rights by negotiating a voluntary modification to a subpoena's scope and compliance deadline or by filing Motions to Quash or for a Protective Order where necessary.

We have built an extensive network of relationships with lawyers and law firms in New Jersey, New York and nationally. We have extensive experience serving as local counsel for national counsel litigating in the New Jersey and New York courts. In addition to providing insight into the local rules, procedures and practices among the bar and bench, we are able to lend substantive support to bolster litigation teams. We also consult and collaborate with other firms to share resources and exchange ideas, knowledge and experience to service matters effectively and efficiently on behalf of his clients. These collaborations are flexible and can vary in form, including co-counsel and of counsel roles.

Frequently, before litigation is commenced, there is an opportunity to engage in presuit negotitions. Depending on the circumstances, this can be productive and can result in an early resolution that avoids the need for litigation or places you in a stronger position to file or defend a litigation. We are experienced in skillfully navigating presuit negotiations to obtain an early favorable resolution or to protect your litigation posture.

Mediation and arbitration can serve as substitutes for litigation or can be used in conjunction with litigation. We approach mediation and arbitration with the understanding that these dispute resolution mechanisms are intended to be more informal and cost-effective than litigation. They require a different approach to maximize the benefits of engaging in alternative dispute resolution. Mediation and Arbitration, even when unsuccessful in resolving a dispute, offer an opportunity to obtain independent feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your case and that of your adversary.  We can use the tools of mediation and arbitration effectively on your behalf.